Tired of being stuck behind bars, our founders launched Bounce in 2004 as the first ball shaped protein energy snack on the market in Australia, their home base. Bounce energy balls are a delightfully healthy treat you can feel good about grabbing. They’re nutritious, delicious, and packed with high quality, natural ingredients.

Bounce was founded by Andy and Paula Hannagan, affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Bounce. What started out as a labor of love in their garage has snowballed into a global brand, with our products now available in not only Australia, but the UK, Canada, and the US. Andy and Paula share an approach to life that is the heart and soul of our brand, and is the inspiration for our motto: Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good.

Andy – Mr. Bounce

Paula – Mrs. Bounce

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The Bounce Effect is our guiding philosophy: the ripple effect of positive change brought about by eating well, living well, and actively contributing to the lives of others. As a company we hope to do our part by launching the Make It Happen Project, an initiative we are creating to support and empower small non-profits that want to make a big impact in their local communities. Accepting applications soon, stay tuned for more!