Author: Paula, Published: June 5, 2017

Rule No. 6 is one of the core values within our business. For those of you who haven’t heard me explain it – here’s the history of it, and a bit about why it’s so important to me, and such a integral part of the Bounce team culture.

Back in Australia in 2012, I attended a business conference with the Entrepreneurs Organization in Sydney. The key note speaker, Cameron Herold, gave a speech. During his inspiring presentation, he shared the concept of Rule No. 6. The story goes something like this…

Two prime ministers were sitting in a room, when one of the aides interrupted the meeting in a panic. The host prime minister said to the aide, “Kindly remember Rule Number Six”. They resumed their discussion, only to be interrupted again by another aide, to which the host quietly stated “Please remember Rule Number Six”. The statement appeared to calm the aides immediately. The visiting prime minister found this to be remarkable and finally asked, “Tell me, what’s this Rule Number Six?” The host prime minister answered, “It’s very simple. Rule Number Six is ‘Don’t take yourself too *#@*^% seriously’ “. He then added “There are no other rules, just this one”.

There’s no rule 1 to 5. Just Rule No. 6. The details of the story are blurry, but this rule struck a chord deep within me (especially the expletive) and made me laugh out loud. I took on the rule with gusto, embodying it and sharing it with whoever would listen. I even made t-shirts to reflect the rule!


Life can be hard at times. There’s no doubt about it. We often have stress thrown at us left, right and center, and things can sometimes get the better of us. I often need a reminder to lighten up, so that I “don’t sweat the small stuff”. It’s helpful to get a different perspective on things. As a team, we’ve definitely embraced the rule. We laugh a lot. We’re serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It keeps the good energy flowing in the business, which is what we’re all about.

Whenever I’m wearing my t-shirt, I often get asked about the rule. I share it freely (the unadulterated version), and have been known to take the shirt off my own back to pass on the rule. It’s important to share it. We all need to see the funny side of things. Life’s too short.

We’re on a mission to spread the rule. I hope you can join us by applying the rule in your own life and sharing it with others.


Andy (aka Mr Bounce)