Author: Michelle Konkoly, Published: April 17, 2017

With winter finally having come to a close (for the most part!), it’s a great time to clean out those unnecessary clothes from your closet… and also those unnecessary habits from your life. What are you holding on to, other than those old flare jeans, that you really could just let go of? While we often take the time to evaluate the physical elements in our homes and lives, why not put just a much effort into our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

The first step in any good cleansing session is taking stock of what’s in front of you. So count your pairs of sandals, and then take stock of the people in your life in the same way. Some are likely cherished and dear, but maybe there are others that you don’t really need anymore. They don’t fit well, they are falling apart, or they no longer “go” with your aesthetic… If you have that one ‘friend’ who’s really more of a fountain of negativity and criticism than a support, maybe it’s time to add her to the donation pile. This can apply to our digital lives, too. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already unfriended or unfollowed all of your Facebook friends who only post political nonsense, but if you haven’t yet, or you follow other people who really do nothing other than add clutter to your newsfeed, don’t be afraid to clean out your friend lists, too.

spring cleaning your life

Amidst your cleaning, you might find some long-lost treasures that you forgot you had. Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of things – you can dust off items or ideas and bring them back to life! If you have a passion that you haven’t been able to pursue as much lately, take another stab at it! Just because you haven’t cracked open your favorite cookbook in years doesn’t mean it’s too late to start cooking again.

Finally, remember that cleaning your space can also simultaneously clean your life. Simply clearing off surfaces, especially ones that you see often – the counter, your nightstand – can make it easier to be productive, and actually can help you sleep better too! By having less clutter in your visual field, you can improve productivity. Try out these spring cleaning tips, both in your house and in your life, and let me know what you think!